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Peter provided much more than we could have asked for and had every aspect covered. His professionalism towards his job makes him shine above the others!
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Wedding Planning Meetings: What's Covered and Why

Even though a DJ's job might look easy, that smooth performance requires a certain amount of advance preparation.  My rates include two face-to-face planning meetings where we'll meet to discuss the details of your event.  That way, when your wedding day arrives, I can do my part to help make sure everything happens just as you've envisioned.

The first meeting typically takes place as early as possible, even if your wedding day is several months or more than a year away.  Even if you're not yet 100% sure if you want to book me yet, this first meeting is offered as a "no-obligation freebie" where you can ask questions and get to know me a little more before you make any decisions.

Should you choose to book me during that meeting, I'll have a contract ready and I'll be prepared to accept your deposit with check, major credit card or money order.  However, I also realize many couples prefer to think about it for a bit, so there's no expectation or pressure to make a decision at the meeting.  Conversely, I've had a number of couples who didn't have time to set up a meeting immediately, but they wanted to "lock in" their date before someone else did -- so if you want to book first and meet later, that's also an option.

For couples who are planning their weddings from afar, I offer "virtual" meetings via Skype videoconference or a phone call, per your preference.

Since the first meeting is usually held quite a long time before your wedding, it's really more of an "introductory" meeting than a decision-making meeting.  We'll run through a basic overview of the topics listed below, but most couples don't have all their details finalized this early.

That's why we have a second meeting -- much closer to your wedding date.  This is where we should be able to finalize everything, or at least a great majority of the details.  Anything still not wrapped-up by this point can be handled through email or phone calls.

Planning Meeting Topics

  • The Basics. We'll confirm the date, location, starting and ending times.
  • Wedding Party Entrance. Typically, the DJ is also the emcee for your wedding reception, and that includes announcing the members of your wedding party as they make their entrances, leading up to the grand entrance of you and your new spouse.  We'll discuss lineup order, background music and other details.
  • First Dance: If you don't already have a special song in mind, I'll provide a list with plenty of great suggestions.  We'll also discuss options in terms of when the first dance could happen.
  • Parents' Dances: Many times, the bride will share a dance with her father and the groom will dance with his mother, but some couples choose to skip this, or to do something different.  We'll discuss your wishes, and I'll be happy to recommend suitable songs if needed.
  • Toasts and Blessings: If you're going to have anyone offering toasts or blessings, I'll need to know who is speaking and when you'd like them to speak so that I can properly introduce each speaker and have an extra microphone ready for them.
  • Dinner and Cake: Any special music requests or announcements during dinner?  Special song for cake cutting?
  • Other Events: If you're doing a bouquet toss, garter toss, dollar dance, etc., we'll discuss when you want these things to happen, and which songs you want me to play.  If you're stuck for ideas ... yes, you guessed it, I've got plenty of ideas!
  • Dance time! We'll discuss some options to help save time with the "formalities" in order to maximize the open dancing/partying time.  I'll also ask for your favorite songs/artists to make sure I play them -- and just as importantly, I'll ask if there are any songs you don't want to hear.

These meetings are meant to help making the process easier for you, but even between the meetings, we can still discuss song selections and other details via email or telephone at your convenience.  Even after decisions are made, you can still change things around, no problem!

Your next steps:

Thanks for taking the time to check out this post and for considering my services!

Peter was great and did an excellent job making sure that our wedding day was a success!
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