Request Sent!

Thanks for your request! I love taking requests and I'll do my best to work your pick into tonight's mix, but please bear in mind:

  • Some requests may play quickly, and some may not play until later into the evening. It depends on how a particular song fits into the flow of the event.
  • Some requests may not play at all due to time constraints, client preferences or other factors.

If you don't hear your song right away, please do not re-request it -- this will not increase the chances of your song playing. Thank you for your patience!

Syracuse Wedding DJ Peter Naughton provides services as a wedding DJ in Syracuse, NY and all surrounding areas including Utica, Rome, Oswego, Ithaca, Cortland and elsewhere throughout Central New York, the Finger Lakes and the Mohawk Valley. You can thank search engines like Google for making me write ridiculously-written sentences like that so I can show up in search results.
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