Morgan & Eric's wedding at Best View Barn, Munnsville, NY. Photos by Syracuse wedding DJ Peter Naughton -
Peter was extremely professional, so easy to work with. He kept people on the dance floor right up until the last song. Everyone had SO much fun, especially us!
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Peter's Pointers for Wedding Planning

Blog series offering wedding planning pointers for a smooth and stress-free celebration, based on over a decade of observations from the Wedding DJ booth.

Peter's Pointers: How to Build a Great Wedding Request List

Syracuse wedding DJ Peter Naughton explains why a great wedding song request list shouldn't take a ton of your time.

Peter's Pointers: Why Your Wedding Needs a Seating Chart

Collecting RSVPs and creating a seating chart can be one of the most stressful, time-consuming parts of planning your wedding. Some couples wonder, "should we even bother? Why not let guests pick their own seats?" Read on -- there are actually several reasons why a seating chart is well worth the time and effort.

Peter's Pointers: 7 Reasons to Consider Wedding Insurance

We all think, "it won't happen to me," until it does. And I've got several examples of it happening right here in Central New York -- popular venues suddenly closing down, a venue hit by a tornado, a limo company going kaput -- and more. This post isn't a sales pitch, I'm not selling wedding insurance... but offering some reasons why wedding insurance is important, and how it can save you much more than it costs.

Peter's Pointers: 5 Awesome Wedding Reception Enhancements

As the DJ, there's plenty of things I can do to help encourage your wedding guests to fill the dance floor. But there are some "extras" you can bring to the table as well, to help boost the energy level. In this edition of Peter's Pointers, get inspired by ideas from some of my previous couples.

Peter's Pointers: Never Hire an Uninsured Wedding DJ

An uninsured DJ might be cheaper up-front, but can cost you much more in the long run. I'm proud to say I'm insured -- find out why that's so important in this edition of Peter's Pointers.

Peter's Pointers: 6 Must-Haves for Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings can offer a nice alternative to an indoor celebration. But that perfect summer evening under the stars may require more preparation. Here are 6 important things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding.

Peter's Pointers: 5 Wedding Day Delays to Avoid

Delays on your wedding day often result in less dance floor time at your reception. But delays can also cost you money -- and lots of it. Here are 5 common "wedding day schedule killers" and pointers to prevent them.

Peter's Pointers: 9 Steps to Weatherproof Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

Hosting your wedding reception outdoors? An outdoor reception can be lots of fun, but it's impossible to know exactly what kind of weather your wedding day will bring -- especially when you start planning everything a year (or more) in advance.  You can't just cancel or postpone everything due to rain.  But with some planning, […]
Sharon and Steve's wedding at Traditions at the Links, East Syracuse, NY - DJ Peter Naughton - November 2018
Peter DJed our wedding and we were thrilled with his work. He was so organized, prepared, and professional.
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