Rachel and Kevin's wedding, September 2018, Litchfield, NY
Out of all the vendors for our wedding, Peter was by far the most professional. We loved having him as our wedding DJ!
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Shelby & Rich's Onondaga Backyard Wedding, 8/5/23

Shelby and Rich's wedding was a nice change of pace from "the usual," as they hosted their wedding at their home in the Town of Onondaga, just west of Syracuse. While a backyard wedding can require a little more planning, it also offers some advantages you usually won't get with traditional venues. More in today's […]

Jessie and Matt's Marcellus Backyard Wedding, 8/10/19

Jessie and Matt's wedding ceremony and reception was definitely a memorable one. A unique venue, a close (but averted!) brush with disaster, and most of all, an awesome couple surrounded by an incredible crowd of fun-loving relatives and friends!

Bianca and Garrett's Hamilton Backyard Wedding, 7/20/19

Bianca and Garrett's wedding will definitely stick out in my memory! The ceremony was unique and we had a great dance floor crowd during the reception. But... admittedly, I was afraid it was going to be difficult to get people dancing. I'll explain in today's blog post. And as always, photos and the couple's music […]

Rachel and Kevin's Litchfield Backyard Wedding, 9/8/18

Every wedding is unique in some way, but Rachel and Kevin's wedding was especially unique. Their ceremony and reception took place atop a hill overlooking her parents' farm. Hosting a wedding at a private residence is a massive undertaking, but Rachel and Kevin made it look so easy! I've got details, photos, song selections and […]

Emily and Zeb's Homer Backyard Wedding, 8/2/14

Every event that I play has something "memorable" that sets it apart from the rest. Emily and Zeb's wedding and reception had plenty of different elements that make it stick out in my memory. From the first time I met them, I could tell they were meant for each other... and it was no surprise […]

Martha and Tom's Remsen Backyard Wedding, 6/29/13

Martha and Tom live in Washington, DC, but Martha grew up in New Hartford, near Utica, so they decided to come back to CNY for their wedding.  The ceremony was held at a private residence, friends of Martha's family, in a rural area north of Utica.  Despite a little rain, it turned out to be […]

Marjorie and Gretchen's Backyard Wedding, 10/6/12

The rolling hills between Ithaca and Elmira... fall colors in the distance... a perfect backdrop for an amazing outdoor ceremony and indoor reception for Marjorie and Gretchen! Rain earlier in the day almost forced everything indoors, but the ceremony's late-afternoon start provided perfect timing for the sunshine to dry everything out enough to stay with […]
Christina and Philipp's wedding reception at Benn Conger Inn, Groton, NY. August 2018.
What a lovely, friendly, professional, and fun wedding DJ! I would highly recommend him!  Thank you, Peter!
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