Christina and Philipp's wedding reception at Benn Conger Inn, Groton, NY. August 2018.
What a lovely, friendly, professional, and fun wedding DJ! I would highly recommend him!  Thank you, Peter!
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Wedding: Dan and Crystal at Borio's, Cicero, 5/5/12

This is the first of two weddings I'm playing at Borio's Lakeside in Cicero this month alone.  What a beautiful venue!  Right on the shore of Oneida Lake... and a wonderful day.  Originally, the forecast had called for a chance of rain, but we lucked out with sunny skies and comfortable temperatures for an outdoor ceremony, followed by an indoor reception.

For the outdoor ceremony, I had an hour of instrumental music to play as guests arrived and took their seats.  Then, Crystal and Dan wanted certain parts of certain songs for their entrances, so I edited those songs down to the desired parts and played them all from CDs.  Right after the ceremony was over, my wife Elizabeth and I packed up the gear we needed outside and moved it inside with the rest of the gear, which was already set-up for the reception.  (Similar to another indoor/outdoor event last year in Cooperstown.)

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This was a great night, and want to thank Dan and Crystal for choosing me as their DJ.  I also want to thank the management at Borio's for allowing me to stop by about a week ahead of time for a quick "site survey" so I could stake out the locations and plan my set-ups before arriving.

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Peter chose music that he knew our crowd would love, and he made sure to play the songs I requested! The dance floor was packed all night.
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