Peter is a great DJ! He is very organized and keeps the dance floor full throughout the event.
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Wedding: Frances and Adam at Valley View, Utica, 10/11/14

We're just a few days away from Christmas, so it's only appropriate that I am finally blogging about Frances and Adam's wedding from October. Why is that appropriate? Well, let's just say it's the first time I've ever done an October wedding -- or a wedding, any month for that matter -- where a famous, jolly man in a red suit made an appearance to surprise all the guests!

This wedding reception was held at Daniele at Valley View, on the Valley View Golf Course in Utica. The ballroom, set atop a hill, provides wonderful sweeping views of downtown Utica in the distance one way, and the Mohawk Valley the other way. An adjoining balcony provided a convenient place for guests to get some fresh air, and for the launch of Chinese lanterns later in the evening.

For the introductions, each couple in the wedding party was dressed in costume as characters from various 80s movies, TV shows and other pop culture -- Marty and Doc from "Back to the Future," characters from "Ghostbusters," the Super Mario Bros., "Saved by the Bell," and so forth. A clip from the appropriate theme song played as each couple was introduced. When the bride and groom came out, I was asked to introduce them as "Champions of the World," as if I was kicking off a wrestling match. It was a high-energy introduction that was certainly among the most memorable of the year!

Here are the rest of the "key" songs Fran and Adam chose:

  • First Dance: Ben E King / Stand by Me
  • Bride and Family Dance: Mikki Viereck / A Song for My Son
  • Groom / Mother Dance: Lionel Richie / Just for You
  • Cake Cutting: U2/Sweetest Thing
  • Bouquet Toss: Beyonce / Single Ladies
  • Garter Toss: Salt N Pepa / Push It
  • Last Dance of the Night for Everyone: Jersey Boys soundtrack / Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
  • "One More Song!" - Frank Sinatra / My Way

You might be wondering what's the deal with "One More Song." Adam knew he'd want to close the night with "one more song" but he was very polite in considering that this should really be included within the timeframe of the reception (rather than going beyond the end time), so he arranged with me in advance that he'd start the chant for "one more song" and I'd play Frank Sinatra at that time. Knowing this was coming, we were able to do "one more song" and still end on-time, which is always appreciated by vendors including myself, the venue staff and the limousine driver, as they are all expecting the event to end at a certain time.

As for the aforementioned visit from Santa, I'm afraid I was too busy with DJ-related duties during Santa's visit (we had special music and Santa had a wireless mic) so I wasn't able to get any photos -- but there are plenty from AJ's Photography, who had a team of professional shooters (and videographers and a photobooth) at the reception.  But, just in case you're curious, here are some of my shots -- please note they're all from my phone because my "real" camera was MIA.

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After the wedding, groom Adam provided a 5-star review on WeddingWire, telling future couples I was "very professional and prompt and was very accommodating with all our unusual requests."

Thanks for the review, Adam!  You and Fran put together one of the most action-packed receptions of the year, and I was honored that you chose me to be a part of the festivities.

He went above and beyond our expectations and we would recommend Peter over and over again!
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