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Wedding: Leigh and Kyle at Pumpelly House, Owego, 9/21/19

Leigh and Kyle's wedding at Pumpelly House in Owego, NY - Photo by DJ Peter Naughton

"Owego? Don't you mean Oswego, with an S? You know, the one only 45 minutes from Syracuse?" Nope! Not a typo -- Leigh and Kyle's wedding took me down to Owego. Yep, the one without an S, located a little ways west of Binghamton. But I didn't hesitate whatsoever when the familiar couple asked if I could DJ their wedding at this picturesque venue situated along the Susquehanna River. Read on for photos, song picks and the backstory!

So how the heck does a wedding DJ from Syracuse wind up getting booked for a venue in Owego? Leigh was the Maid of Honor when I was the DJ for Elizabeth and Nakul's wedding in 2017. It made my day when Leigh first reached out, saying she and Kyle wanted me to DJ their reception based on my performance at the earlier wedding. They also hired Larry and Val Lefferts, the same photographers that Elizabeth and Nakul used -- so it was like a little reunion for some of us!

At first glance, just driving by, you might wonder how the Pumpelly House Estate could possibly have enough room for a wedding reception. But look beyond the bed-and-breakfast, and you'll find a large Carriage House in the back. Plenty of room for dining, a big dance floor and a spacious outdoor deck which leads to a sprawling lawn overlooking the river.

The dance floor layout made it very easy to temporarily run one of my speakers outside to the deck, where many guests opted to enjoy the beautiful weather. Both speakers were back in place when it was time to begin dancing.

Leigh and Kyle's Key Song Choices

  • Wedding party intros: Chris Brown / Forever
  • First Dance: Nat King Cole / That’s All
  • Father / Bride Dance: Jon Brion / Strings That Tie to You
  • Groom / Mother Dance: Van Morrison / Days Like This
  • Cake Cutting: Queen / You’re My Best Friend
  • Bouquet Toss: Beyonce / Single Ladies
  • Last Dance of the Night: ortoPilot / Grow Old With You

To open the dance floor, we played the "anniversary contest" -- you've probably seen this at weddings before. All the married couples are encouraged to join the newlyweds for a slow dance. But after it plays for a bit, I begin asking, "anyone married less than ___ years, please step aside." Every 10 or 15 seconds, that announcement is repeated as the number goes higher: 1, 5, 10, 20... and so forth.

At most weddings, we usually don't have to go farther than 40 years before we've got our "winning couple." But for this wedding, we had to go to 50... and still had a few couples left! Thinking a jump to 60 might eliminate everyone, I started counting up, like someone playing Clock Game on The Price is Right. We finally got our winning couple: it was something like 62 years! I'm pretty sure that's the record among the weddings I've worked.

Photo Album Highlights

As always, this is just a select handful of my photos -- I have even more photos on my Facebook page!  Scroll down for a direct link to the album.

Click any photo to see larger version

As I've said many times on this blog, I hope you enjoyed my photos focusing on the equipment set-up and people enjoying the music... but I know my photography skills are far from the pros! Check out this awesome montage of photos spanning the entire day -- including the ceremony -- from Larry Lefferts Photography.

Afterwards, Leigh took the time to write this awesome 5-star review on various platforms including my Facebook page:

My sincerest thanks again to Leigh and Kyle for choosing me to be a part of your wedding celebration! This was a really fun reception, and you were a wonderful couple to work with! I appreciate the kind words and wish you many years of joy together!!

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Angela and Aaron's wedding reception at Lincklaen House in Cazenovia, photo by Wedding DJ Peter Naughton
Peter was very knowledgeable and gave us a great time! Everyone at the wedding was happy and dancing the night away. We highly recommend him.
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