Peter chose music that he knew our crowd would love, and he made sure to play the songs I requested! The dance floor was packed all night.
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Wedding: Hollie and Brendan at Emerson Park, Auburn, 11/1/14

For my final wedding of the 2014 season, it was nice to return to a familiar venue: Emerson Park in Auburn! That's where Hollie and Brendan chose to celebrate their wedding day with several dozen of their closest relatives and friends. And as you'll see in this blog post, everyone had fun dancing the night away, right up to the very last song of the night.

If you've never been to the Emerson Park Pavilion before, this is one case where "pavilion" is a bit of an understatement -- the word usually makes you think of a barebones shelter with a couple dozen picnic tables chained to a concrete pad. But the Emerson Park Pavilion is actually a fully-enclosed building, suitable for all types of events, all year round. Over a century old, the building maintains its historic appearance on the outside, but everything on the inside has been redone within the last few years.

A high, lofty ceiling makes the already-spacious venue look even bigger -- and provides plenty of space for the dance floor lights to reflect and illuminate the entire dance floor and beyond. Here's what Hollie and Brendan chose for their key moments of the evening:

  • Wedding Party Intros: Lynyrd Skynyrd / Sweet Home Alabama, Black Eyed Peas / I Gotta Feeling and LMFAO / Party Rock Anthem
  • Bride and Groom Entrance: Flo Rida / Right Round
  • First Dance: Kip Moore / Hey Pretty Girl
  • Bride / Father Dance: Rascal Flatts / My Wish
  • Groom / Mother Dance: T. Carter Music / A Mother’s Song

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With this reception, my 2014 wedding season comes to a close.  Thanks again to Hollie and Brendan, and to all the other couples I worked with, for selecting me as your wedding DJ!  I'm pleased to say 2014 was my best season yet.  And keep watching the blog, I've got some exciting news to share soon that'll be sure to please couples who are booking with me for 2015.

Morgan & Eric's wedding at Best View Barn, Munnsville, NY. Photos by Syracuse wedding DJ Peter Naughton -
Peter was extremely professional, so easy to work with. He kept people on the dance floor right up until the last song. Everyone had SO much fun, especially us!
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